Great fun, challenging and guaranteed to wear everyone out. Also great for team building sessions and sporting team break ups.

Super Sizzler

This is one ride that is an all-out good time that everyone will enjoy

  • Height requirement 1.3m
  • Area needed 20m diameter

36 rides at a time

Para Trooper

The PARATROOPER is a great thrill ride which will impress those thrill seekers amongst us.

  • Height requirement 1.3m
  • Area needed 22m diameter
30 riders at a time

Round Up

  • Height requirement 1.2m
  • Area needed 12m wide x 16m deep
30 riders at a time

Sky Flyer

With 24 seats this exciting ride can accommodate a large crowd.

  • Height requirement 1m
  • Area needed 22m diameter

28 riders at a time

Dodgem Cars

The Dodgem cars is everyone’s favourite fairground attraction.

  • Height requirement 1.1m
  • Area needed 14m wide 16m deep
12 cars – 28 riders at a time