This is one ride that is an all-out good time that everyone will enjoy. Everyone that tries the SIZZLER will shriek in delight as the dual action, whirling cars accelerate both forwards and backwards. The Sizzler is the most popular ride for ANY large event – school fetes, carnivals, festivals, corporate picnics, etc. The proven electronic variable speed drive accelerates the SIZZLER to a breathtaking 12 RPM and dynamic braking smoothly stops the ride, increasing capacity per hour. With its locking in device that is manually locked in by our trained operators, makes the SIZZLER so much safer. The SIZZLER also has a awesome lighting set up, which looks great at any night event and its wicked sound system will be heard from across the paddock.

The riders have to be 130cm and over. This ride requires 17 meters diameter and 14 meters in height clearance.


The Sizzler

Suitable Age

Height restriction of 1.3m minimum – adults

Special Features

Very bright and colourful

Number of Riders

Up to 36 people

Area required

18m diameter