This is one of our most popular rides!

Remember how much you loved the merry-go-round as a child? Still a favourite with young children our traditional merry go round has 6 horses and 2 box cars. Ideal for child care centres, school fetes and any other event you want to attract kids under 7 years.  We have a very popular merry go round. It is bright, colourful and appeals to kids young and old.

Small to very small children love it because it was designed specifically for them, but it’s strong enough to take those older children who want to share the experience. Our Lion King Merry Go Round is especially popular with our little people. It features a range of pretty horses and boxes for two.


Merry go Round

Suitable Age

toddlers to age 7

Number of Riders

8 to 10 seats (may vary due to merry go round)