A Memorable Event – The Titanic Adventure Slide! The ship is sinking! Can you survive the slide down?

Get to the top of the stern of the Titanic and slide the wild 12m ride down the deck of the awesome Dual Slide! This dual slide captures all the excitement of the famed ocean liner on it’s maiden voyage.

The spacious centre cabin features an easy to climb stairway with handrails for safety and replaceable climbing and slide covers.

Measuring 8m in height and 12m in length, this awesome slide captures the feeling of the real giant. Adding to the realism of this ride are the famed triple screw propellers and rudder.

This ride is suitable for any age group.


The Titanic

Suitable Age

5 years – adult

Number of Riders

Continuous slide

Special features

Very bright and colourful

Area required

10m x 8m